rattie rascals rattery
Rattie Rascals Rattery
Port Orchard, Washington
Est. 1998 - 2008
officially closed

Rattie Rascals
LeAnn & Beth Boardman
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(360) 876-0236 weekdays - (360) 874-9085 evenings & weekends

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RSCL Willie

Smokey & Misty

Ebony Sky

LeAnn & Beth Boardman
LeAnn & Beth with 6H Caribou


Rex baby

lilac baby

mink baby

     Rattie Rascals was a small rattery owned and operated by myself, LeAnn and my daughter Beth.   Our goals were to provide quality pet rats that were healthy and had great temperaments.  We continually bred quality pet and show rats for ten years producing lines that can be found in many pedigrees. 

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