Rattie Rascals Rattery
Port Orchard, WA
Est. 1998
(360) 876-0236 day - (360) 874-9085 evening
Owned and operated by
LeAnn & Beth Boardman

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Rat Clubs & On-line Forums

US Clubs & Forums for Rat and Mice Fanciers:


American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association

Rat and Mouse Club of America


The Rat Fan Club

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Rat Place




Informative and Fun Pages

Drug Usage Chart For Rats

Helpful Info from the Rat Fan Club

RatGuide - Health, Care and more

Pet Rat Information Packet


Rat Costumes by Beth

Teeth trimming (check out the other info on this site!)

Useful and Fun Rat Products

Martin's Cages - We use these, great prices.  

Wodent Wheel

Genetics and useful Pages for Breeders

Eva's Rat Colour Genetics Page

Maplewood Rattery

North American Rat Registry

Rat Genetic Code Basic Explanation Rattie Rascals

Rattus - X + Y=?

Pedigree Generator

Rat Breeding.com


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