Reference Ratteries & Breeders for pedigrees at Rattie Rascals

3GR-Three Girls Rattery, WA
6H-Sixth Happiness, IL
ALR - Amber Light Rattery, WA
AR-Aristorats, IL
BB-Brooklyn's Best 
BH-Birch Hill
BN - Bellaratta's Nest, FL
BR-Blue Ridge
CCR-Cathi's Critters Rattery
CVF-Colony at Valley Forge
CWR - Curly Whiskers Rattery
DC - Daisy Chain Rattery, WA (not breeding)
DCR - Deer Creek Rattery
DM-Donamays Rattery
DrD-Dr. Dolittle's
FP - Fur People, CA
JR-Just Rats
KF-Kissy Face Rattery
KTZ - Khat's Rats, OR
KR - Kabrin Rattery, WA (not breeding)
LL - Lizzie's Lovelies, CA
LM-Laurie Miner
LR-Little Ratscals
LSRC - Lone Star Rats of Central Texas
MAR-Marwin Ratties, MO
MC-Mary Crittenden
MN-Mixed Nuts
MNM-Mischief N' Mayhem (not breeding)
MRC-Minnesota Rat Connection, MN (not breeding)
MSR - Moonsong Rattery, WA (not breeding)
MY-Myomorpha, IL (now 6H)
NWSSR-Northwest Silver Star Rodentry, WA (not breeding rats)
OFR - Oddfellows Rattery, WA
OP - Opaline
PBR - Phi Beta Rattery, CA
PK - PK Rattery, FL
PS-Pat Sutcliffe
RF - Ratty Friends Rattery, WA (not breeding)
RH - Raffin House
RHR-Raven's Heart Rattery
RMR - Rodentia Madre Rattery, WA (not breeding)
RnR-Rat n Rave, MI
Rogue's-Rogue's Rattery
RR-Richland Rats
RRR-Rattie Room Rattery, IO (not breeding)
RSCL-Rattie Rascals Rattery, WA (us)
RvR - River Rats
SPR - Spiralrat Rattery, WA
SRR-Spoiled Ratten Rattery, MO
STAR-Star Rattery (not breeding)
WWR - Whispering Wise Rattery, CA
YOTR-Year of the Rat

For other breeder & rattery initials see the Ratster

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