Port Orchard, Washington
(360) 874-9085
Owned and Operated by
LeAnn and Beth Boardman

  We have a separate room on our house for our rats.  We call this The Rat Room.
Plenty of cages for all.  The ratties have the opportunity to roam the room (one cage at a time).

Wall of cages - we currently only have Martins R690 Cages for the main rat homes.
They stack two high very well.  For info on these cages see: martins cages
R690 - good for up to 6 does, 4 bucks.

cage3.jpg (29544 bytes)
Martin's R-670 - 3 does

Rat girls in a "litter" box
The boys get hammocks made from shop towels and wire shower curtain hangers
The girls chew up the towels too fast

Rattie Rascals