rattie rascals rattery
Rattie Rascals Rattery
Port Orchard, Washington
Est. 1998

Owned and Operated by
LeAnn & Beth Boardman
Members of RatsPacNW
(360) 876-0236 weekdays - (360) 874-9085 evenings & weekends

We are located in Port Orchard, WA
1 hour 10 minutes from Seattle
25 minutes from Tacoma
15 minutes from Bremerton,
2.5 hours from Portland

Pet & Show Rats
Fancy rats bred for health, conformation and temperament. 
Pet, Breeding and Show quality. 

Adoption Waiting List
How To Obtain a Rat From Us
How Does this Work?

NOTE:   Sorry we don't ship.  We just don't have the time. 
Since we operate an auction business, we are typically very busy on the weekends.  If you email around this time, it might be a few days before I get back to you.

1.  e-mail or give us a call. 
We will want to know:
    Your name please - it's hard to reserve a rat when we don't know to whom.
    Where you are located. 
    Are you a breeder of pet or show rats?  If so, what are you looking for.  (we don't sell for feeder use)
    All rats sold as pets will not be marked for breeding purposes on our adoption contract.
    Do you want a pet only? 
    Do you have other rats at home? 
    Children (rats make great pets!)?
    Are you under 18?  If so, we'll need your parents permission.
    What sex, color, hair & ear type do you prefer.

If we have babies posted on-line that are not reserved,  let us know which you are interested in.  We'll put your name beside that one unless we are still going down our waiting list.
If we currently have no babies, we'll place you on our waiting list for what you are looking for. 
If you have questions about rats or us, please ask.

2.  If you are on our waiting list:  When the litters are born, we'll contact you in the order you were placed on our waiting list (two at a time) We will let you know what is available to your specifications.  We most likely will have tentatively held one in your name.  PLEASE get back to us within 5 days.  If we do not hear from you, we will e-mail the next two people.

3.  If you are located in the Pacific Northwest, we'll reserve a baby for you.  If you are outside this region, we will reserve if you can show us intent to pick the baby up.   Please honor your reserve, we are fair and honest breeders and expect others to be the same.  

4.  Acquiring your new little one.  We can arrange a date for you to come to us and pick up your new baby.  Since we have a family business (auction business) I can usually meet during the work week.  We also have a few weekends available but not too many as we conduct most of our auctions on weekends. 
When you come you'll be able to see our rattery.  Visit with a few of our rats and most importantly, meet the sire and dam of your new baby, sometimes even other generations.
IF you have sick rats or rodents at home PLEASE let us know so we can reschedule our meeting.  We will hold the baby until they are better.  (why?  some virus in rats are passed on through the air and can be carried on clothing or hands.)

We prefer that all babies are picked up prior to their 8 week birthday.  If we need to hold them longer, they need to be with a buddy that will leave with them.  12 weeks is the maximum we will hold rats, it becomes too hard to part with them at a point and for them to leave their cagemates.

Note:  If you schedule an appointment and do not show because you changed your mind without letting us know in advance...don't ever ask for rats from us again.

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