Rattie Rascals Rattery
Port Orchard, WA
Est. 1998
(360) 876-0236 day - (360) 874-9085 evening
Owned and operated by
LeAnn & Beth Boardman

This space for your pictures & comments about your RSCL ratties.

RSCL Cranberry & Herra

Lila with her new brothers

Sweep, Tater & Wren

Muzzy seen to the left, in his tube and snacking



RSCL's Sweep, Tater, Wren, Muzzy and Nissi (not pictured) are owned by Kas.

Movies of leaping RSCL Rats
Owned by Debbie Douglas
Brothers Teddy & Willie



Carly with Gumdrop & Inca Princess


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Rattie Rascals Rattery
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