rattie rascals rattery
Rattie Rascals Rattery
Port Orchard, Washington
Est. 1998

Owned and Operated by
LeAnn & Beth Boardman
Members of RatsPacNW
(360) 876-0236 weekdays - (360) 874-9085 evenings & weekends

We are located in Port Orchard, WA
1 hour 10 minutes from Seattle
25 minutes from Tacoma
15 minutes from Bremerton,
2.5 hours from Portland

Pet & Show Rats
Fancy rats bred for health, conformation and temperament. 
Pet, Breeding and Show quality. 

Past Rattie Rascals Litters

Litters prior to 2001 are not online
I do have listed under each litter those "produced" that were used for breeding and found in many pedigrees

DC Charcoal x Sky of RSCL 1/99
produced:  RSCL Blossom

DC Slate x Sky of RSCL - 4/99
produced:  RSCL Christa; RSCL Marco; RSCL Lady Deb

DC Slate x RSCL Blossom - 10/99
produced:  RSCL Stewart; RSCL Sunflower

Cosmo of RSCL x RSCL Christa 11/99
produced: RSCL Stormy
MAR Lightning x Jess of RSCL 4/00 MAR Lighting x RSCL Christa 4/00
produced: RSCL Nutmeg; RSCL Clint; RSCL Keoki

MAR Lightning x RSCL Sunflower 10/00
produced:  RSCL Ricochet; RSCL Kameo
DC Charcoal x RmR Mimi
produced:  RSCL Timber; RSCL Marbles
RSCL Stewart x RSCL Nutmeg 1/01
produced:  RSCL Dewey; RSCL Hazelnut


KZ Mr. Wiggly Jr x RF Bluebell

LL Prince Ritz x Daphne
Born 6/18/01

NWSSR Tipper x RSCL Nutmeg
Born 10/4/01

KZ Mr. Wiggly Jr x NWSSR Tanice
Born 10/21/01

KR Cosmo x RSCL Princess
Born 12/18/01

RSCL Marbles x NWSSR Kalla
Born 2/3/02

SPR Saxon x RF Jordy
born 4/25/02

MORE baby pictures

OF Lorenzo x RSCL Razzle
born 5/3/02

RSCL Avery x RSCL Abby
DOB 5/9/02

RSCL Keoki x RF Wren
DOB 5/26/02

RSCL Garvey x MAR Barcardi
Born:  9/5/02

MAR Beep x RSCL Razzle Dazzle
Born:  9/15/02

MAR El Capitain x RSCL Razzmatazz
Born 10/31/02

Khat's BoCo x RF Wren
Born 11/4/02

RSCL Avery x RSCL Abby
Born 11/13/02

RSCL Avery x RSCL Dixie
Born 11/25/02

MAR El Capitan x RSCL Razzle Dazzle
Born 1/27/03

RSCL Magnuson x MAR Morgan
Born 2/8/03

RSCL  Garvey x 6H Segona
Born 2/9/03

6H Silver x MAR Bacardi
born 3/14/03

KTZ Frango x SFR Starry Eyed Surprise
born 4/5/03

MAR Beep x RSCL Zazzie
born: 4/29/03

6H Silver x RSCL Beezus
born: 5/4/03

6H Silver x RSCL Verona
Born 5/14/03

El Capitan x Razzmatazz
born: 6/29/03

RSCL Garvey x KTZ KD
Born: 7/8/03

RSCL Wulfgar x MAR Morgan
Born 7/8/03

RSCL BeoRat x RSCL Zerina
born 8/17/03

LSRC TC x RSCL Madrona
13 Born 10/7/03

RSCL BeoRat x LSRC Amarillo Morning
Born 12/3/03

SRR Snark x ROUS Rivka
8 Born 2/5/04

RSCL Chism x RSCL Charodei
3 born 2/18/04

RSCL Tybault x ROUS Rivka
Born 5/22/04
RSCL Galinn x RSCL Skimmer
Born 6/21/04
RSCL Galinn x RSCL Olivia
CWR Doyle x RSCL Flaxen
 RSCL Inca Princess x  RSCL Lemolo
born  10/7/04
CWR Doyle x RSCL Flaxen
Born: 1/9/05
ALR Wolset x RSCL Zoe
born 1/27/05
RSCL Chisum x CWR Pashmina
born 2/23/05
RSCL Tybault x PK Loesia
born 2/26/05
RSCL Chisum x RSCL Margarita
born 5/3/05

RSCL Mystro x ROUS Charolais
Born 8/29/05

CWR Myles x 3GR Virginia Madsen
Born 8/29/05
CWR Myles x RSCL Penny
born 8/26/05
BN Hamish x RSCL Alodia
born 10/15/05
BN Hamish x RSCL Peaches & Cream
CWR Owen x 3GR Virginia Madsen
Born 12/7/05
RSCL Mystro x ROUS Charolais
 Born 12/9/05
RSCL Dot x RSCL Leona
BN Hamish x RSCL Alodia
Born 2/6/06
RSCL D'Loke x RSCL Lucy
Born 3/1/06
 RSCL Pete x RSCL Ethel
born 4/29/06
SPR Skipper x RSCL Mica
Born 7/8/06
CWR Jack Black x EAGL Tallulah
Born 10/27/06
ROUS Cary Grant x RSCL Pavati
born Dec 4

RSCL Neo x RSCL Mora
Born: 1/9/07

RSCL Bruno x RSCL Jewel
Born 1/10/07
CWRD Bernard x EAGL Tallulah
born 1/29/07
ROUS Polunu x RSCL ROUS Jackie
Born: 7/26/07
ROUS Polunu x RSCL/ROUS Jackie
Born: 11/25/07

If you are interested in future litters, please e-mail us and you will be put on our waiting list.

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