Day 10 - July 5, 2005
Bath & Avebury


    We had a good sleep in our beds.  Our stay in the B&B includes breakfast in the morning.  We choose not to have the full English breakfast but instead opt for cereal.

Bath - Roman Baths, Shops,

First stop in the Roman Baths

Jamee near old coffins

Main bath area

On Pulteney Bridge

Bath Abbey

Outside the pub Rat & Parrott

we didn't eat here but had to take a photo

The Circus

The Royal Crescent

At gardens close to the car park

Royal Victoria Park

    It's raining today.   

    Plans were to stop by Avebury first but of course we miss the exit, onward to Bath.  We find the suggested parking lot and hike into town toward the Roman Baths.  Once we get there we find they have just opened.  We play for our tickets and are given hand held audio devices that you hold up to one ear.  At each point of interest you select a number on the keypad and it plays the information to you. 

    The first stop in an overlook of the main bath and then we are directed into a museum of sorts.  There are many objects and rooms of interest and we are allowed to do photographs.  The history and information on the audio tour is fascinating.  All four of us really enjoyed this. 

    After the Roman Baths we decide to find lunch opting not to stop at the Pump Room.  We head out and end up at a mall area, The Podium.  Jamee chooses a Chinese buffet that has very good food.  Afterwards we wander some of the shops here and on the Pulteney Bridge.  On our way back to the car Beth takes us a bit out of our way but it turns out to be a bonus for us as we are able to view both the Circus (ornate, columned homes that encompass a circular road and the Royal Crescent.


in the North Western sector

Two photos of the Southern Inner Circle

    We find the car park without a problem for Avebury.  The museums close at 6:30 p.m. so we decide to check them out first.   Shirley is tired and decides to wait in the car besides she does not have good walking shoes on.   We head down the path and find the Alexander Keiller Museum at the old barn.  A few months before leaving I purchased an English Heritage Over Seas Pass and we use it today so there is no cost to enter.  The museum is neat.  Lots of hands on items for kids and even though the girls are teens they seem to enjoy the activities.

    After the barn we head to the Sables Gallery where there are a few more exhibits.  The items seen here are mostly items that were found on the sites.  Shopping comes next at the gift shop.

    After leaving the store we head to the first area with stones.  The stone areas open to the public for free.  There are several areas as the whole Avebury stone and grounds are huge.  Sheep graze in the pastures surrounding the stones.  The stones are not nearly as huge or impressive as Stone Hedge but being able to enter the enclosure, see the mounds, ditches and formations is pretty awesome.


    After leaving Avebury we find a very nice village and stop for dinner.  The best part is the road through the center of town with parking on both sides and the center.  Loads of space to park and get around even though I've been doing pretty good driving.  At least I haven't hit any mirrors.  Driving has actually became kind of fun once I figured out the "rules of the road" and Beth got the map and road numbers down.  She would watch for the signs prior to the round abouts and then tell me at which spot the turn was to be - ie: 2nd left or 3rd left, etc.  We head back to our rooms via the smaller roads tonight for a scenic back road tour.

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