Day 11 - July 6, 2005

View from the cliffs looking over the harbor

Dover Castle & Secret Tunnels

Castle Keep

Gun near the secret tunnels

Inside the castle entry

Castle chapel sanctuary

exhibit about King Henry VIII visiting the castle

View description

Photos taken from top of castle

Saxon church & Roman Lighthouse

Shirley, Beth & Jamee waving to me from the ground

Beth and a trebuchet

Medieval tunnels

part of the battlement


Roman Lighthouse

looking up inside the lighthouse

Church wall

church ceiling

    Off we go just around 8:30 a.m.  We expect the ride to take about 3 hours and it does take close to that as we have to head in close to London.  On the way a small rock hits out windshield and leaves a chip - yikes, we didn't take out the glass insurance!  The Castle area is well marked off the roads once we reach Dover and we find were to go easily.  The view is just amazing from the top of the cliffs.  Our Over Seas Pass gets us in without additional cost to both the Castle and the Tunnels.

    We are given a tour time for the Tunnels but we have time to head to the castle keep first for a very short time.  We have just enough time to walk around quickly and then head to the Secret Tunnel area.  We are a bit early but have time to photograph the view.  After we enter the tunnels no photos are allowed.  The first portion is a guided tour of the hospital area and then into the operations areas.  Shortly after we are allowed to explore on our own though the designated path area.  The whole exhibit is wonderful.

    After the Secret Tunnels we stop for lunch at the restaurant on the premises.  The food is outstanding and the cost reasonable for the amount given.  All the foods offered are similar to what would have been available in the 1940's. 

    We catch the tram/land train up to the Keep area after lunch.  Shirley is having problems with her knee walking the hills.  The Castle Keep area is fantastic.  We head first to the video about what can be found on the site.  It does give an idea of what to see and what to expect.  Off we go to the first exhibit. 

    The next area we head too are the medieval tunnels.  Shirley stays behind to rest her knee.  The girls and I explore the tunnels, battlements, the old Saxon church and the ancient Roman lighthouse.  This has been our favorite day. 

    On the way back to our B&B we find a McDonalds!

Day 12 - Longleat