Day 8 - July 3, 2005
Leaving Ellesmere

Jamee taking a turn at the tiller


Back on the Canal

    Jamee and I walked into town and checked out an Antique & Collectibles fair that was going on in the Town Hall.  It cost me 70 pence, not bad, Jamee was free.  There were some nice items, mostly porcelain, jewelry, and postcards.  I didn't see anything I needed to cart back in my suitcase.  Prices seemed to be comparable to the prices we get in the U.S. at auction.

    We didn't leave Ellesmere until after lunch.  We were able to back out of our mooring spot and into the Junction.  From there we filled with water, dumped our trash and headed back up the canal.  We had our mooring area chosen the on the 1st when we came down right after Bridge #1 after the Montgomery canal junction.  There are mooring rings here to tie up.

    This evening we cook our steaks and fix the last of our rice.  It's a good dinner.  Afterwards we clean the boat so it can be turned back in tomorrow morning.

Day Nine - Warwick Castle & B&B