Day Four - June 29, 2005

View of the village from the canal at Llangollen

The Corn Mill - pub where we had lunch

Walking back the the Montgomery (long blue one) after a shopping trip in town

No Cruising today - rest & sightseeing

    Last night we had a thunder and lighting storm with plenty of rain.  It really does not bother us, being from Western Washington State we are use to rain and it sounds peaceful on the roof of the boat.  However I don't sleep well.  The girls and I can't sleep and we go to bed around 12:30 a.m.  I wake up to the sound of a very loud bird around 5:30 a.m.  I lay in bed for as long as I can stand until coffee sounds too good to resist.  We have instant but it's not too bad, certainly not Starbucks, Tully's or Seattle Coffee but it works. 

    Everyone else is up by 10:00 a.m.  We are all tired and decide to just relax, do some sightseeing and stay another night.  The day is cool and damp but it is not raining.  The first item on our agenda is to turn the boat around so we are facing down the canal to head out tomorrow.  I walk ahead on the tow path since the area is narrow.  Beth brings the boat forward and brings her around in the pool in front of the large new mooring area.  On other areas of the canal, boats are turned in what are called "winding holes."  The nose of the boat is placed in the bend and the motor & tiller is used to bring the stern of the boat around so it can be turned.

    After re-mooring the boat we head to town, have a new grocery list to fill, mostly bread, eggs and cleaning supplies.  The girls look around for souvenirs but they don't really find anything they want but each find a postcard to send to friends.  The town is nice, didn't really like the grocery shop as the workers didn't really seem keen on having us there.  We felt like we were in the way.  Since we didn't see any other grocery store we grabbed what we needed and left.  Afterwards we stop by the deli and each pick out a Welsh meat pie for lunch tomorrow.  For lunch today we stop by the pub The Corn Mill.  It is found just off the main road and sits above the River Dee.  The food was excellent.  Afterwards we head back to the boat.

    Beth and I decide to walk the tow path beyond the open canal.  This part is used by the horse drawn canal boat.  It is a pretty walk but not nearly as nice as anything we have seen on our way up to Llangollen.  By the time we get back to the boat our legs are tired so we take a break.  One more cup of coffee and looking at our stock I figure we'd better go pick up some more before we leave tomorrow.  Shirley and I walk back to town.  We head down the street and pause to view through a taxidermist window and wait for Jamee to catch up.  Both my step-dad and husband are taxidermists so it was interesting.  This shop had only birds of prey and mostly other birds.  Judging by the sign outside it appeared these were "road kill" and were available to museums and private collections.  The subjects were very beautiful and well done.

      Before picking up the coffee we head down some side streets.  Shirley wants to see if she can find the hotel she and a friend stayed in a five years ago.  We do, it is the Hand Hotel.  We walk past and decide to visit the old church, St. Collen's Parish, next door.  We walk through the old cemetery to the door and peek in.  We are instantly invited to step on in and see.  We view the carved oak roof, stained glass, visit and sign the guest book.  We finish off our walk around town at the same grocery store to pick up the coffee.

    Back at the boat it is Shirley's turn to cook dinner.  She fixes the enchilada pie and I suggest adding the hamburger.  The meal is pretty tasty, not quite like that we make at home but satisfying.  There is a tiny bit of leftovers, not enough to keep so we call the ducks.  A mamma duck and her little ducklings comes paddling down the canal for the goodies.  There are many, many ducks around.

    Tomorrow morning we are heading out.  It has started to sprinkle.  Hopefully the rain will only be through the night and be clear or at least dry tomorrow.

Fifth day Cruising back from Llangollen