Day 13 - July 8, 2005
Going Home

waiting for the cab to go to the airport

on the airplane


Turn in Rental Car

    We have no issues turning in the car.  They are very busy and need our car for some other American's that need a vehicle for four people and four bags.  They turn down the glass and tyre insurance and plan to let their credit card carry the other.  I don't say anything, I hope he doesn't hit as many curbs as I did on narrow streets but he won't have to worry about the already distressed mirror - LOL

Flight Home

    We purposely arrive early to the airport as we are not sure what the security delays, if any, will be.  We can't check in for another hour so we stand by the line.  Close to check in time the attendant tells us we can enter the queue.  Once we arrive at check-in we are told we've been given an upgrade to business class!  Our new seats will be on the upper level of the 747.  We'll have a choice of meals and our seats lay flat to make beds.

    Beth is loving this and says she won't ever travel long distances on an airplane unless she is at least in business class.  It is pretty posh.  Thankfully our flight is uneventful and we arrive back in Seattle at 4:40 p.m.  We are all exhausted.  It's still hard to sleep on an airplane even when you have flat beds.