Day 12 - July 7, 2005
Longleat and Stonehenge


An ostrich & baby

baby giraffe

on the steps of Longleat House

Hedge Maze tower - Beth & Jamee make it to the middle

after the maze Jamee is tired

Butterflys on exhibit

    Off again after breakfast.  We head out to Longleat and arrive first at the Wildlife Safari Park.  This is a drive though park for hard top autos.  There are several areas containing different animals.  We are given an audio CD that describes all the animals in each area.

    Afterwards we drive to the main portion of the park.  We have purchased a "passport" for 18 pounds each of us so we can visit all parts of the park.  First is lunch at their Cellar Restaurant.  It's ok, Jamee orders the sausage and the portion is huge.  The rest of us order Panini's.  The food is ordinary but well made.  Funny thing the staff seems "off" and confused.

    Longleat House is the next exhibit that we visit.  The home is amazing and portions of it have been standing since the 1500's.  Part of the home is open to the public while the remaining part is occupied by the 7th Marquess of Bath and his family.  Photography is not allowed inside but there is some information online: .  Inside there are objects of art, furnishings from various periods and the ceilings which are works of art themselves.  As we walk Shirley asks one of the attendants how she is doing and she replies "not well" and we then find out about the bombings in London that took place this morning.  In her words...Spanish goat skin covering the walls....not important today...  We had no idea as we have not been in contact with any news sources. 

    The other exhibits on the site include: Safari boat ride complete with sea lions, gorillas and hippos; butterfly garden; Railway; Old Joe's Mine; a huge hedge maze that takes the girls around 1.5 hours to get though; and other items, mostly for kids.  The mine is cool though with real bats and rats!  The attendant was great with loads of information on the bats and his 12 girlie rats.


upon arrival at the henge

    Awesome!  Our Overseas Pass gets us in with no additional cost.  Audio devices are available and are very informative regarding the site.  I took photos from different angles of the henge.

Our Last Dinner in England

Dinner at Gordons in Newbury

Day 13  - Going Home