Who:  LeAnn Boardman, 43
          Shirley Stokes, my mother
          Beth Boardman, 17
          Jamee Boardman, 15

When:  June 25 - July 8, 2005

Our Itinerary:
    June 25:  Flight from Seattle to London on British Air.  Arrive on June 26th.
    June 26:  We'll be taking a Thrifty rental car from the airport up to Telford and spending the night at the Clarion Hotel Madeley Court.
    June 27:  We get our canal narrowboat, Montgomery, from Mid-Wales Narrowboats which is part of the Maestermyn Group based in Whittington, Shropshire. 
                    To rent the boat, we went through a company called Blakes Holiday Boating.  We'll be on the Llangollen Canal
    July 4:  Return the boat in the morning and pack up the car.
                Visit Warwick Castle and then drive to Woolton Hill.
                We will be staying at the Tile Barn House and doing day trips out from there the remaining of our trip.
    July 5:  Visit Stonehenge, the Roman Baths at Bath and then Avebury stones on our return to the B&B.
    July 6:  Longleat House & Safari Park.  Ok, not exactly a major British must see but the girls really want to take a break from things. 
                Should be fun and there is a huge hedge maze.
    July 7:  Visiting Dover Castle and the Secret Wartime Tunnels
    July 8:  Pack and head home to the Pacific Northwest on British Air.



Prologue ~ Saturday, June 25, 2005

    We are all packed and ready to go but have about 1 1/2 hours so figured I could get started on this page.  Our bags are all heavy, glad we don't have too much walking to do with them.  Just hope they all fit into the rental car ;o)
    Our plans are to leave for the SeaTac airport around 3:00 p.m.  Becky Moore is going to take us over.  My husband Mark will be announcing the Fathoms of Fun Parade in the center of Port Orchard today with Dana Yost.  My business partner, Brian Orwiler and Jake Sanford (another auctioneer) will be doing the announcing at the grand stand area.

The trip begins - Airport; Flight BA048; Heathrow; Thrifty Rental Car; Traffic, left sides, narrow tunnels and more highways; Ah the Hotel finally

2nd Day - The Clarion Hotel Madeley Court; Maestermyn / Mid-Wales Narrowboats; Canal boating; First lock experience and getting grounded.

3rd Day - Canal Boating; Narrow; Aqueducts; Tunnels; Scenery; Llangollen

4th Day - Llangollen; Thunder, lightning & rain; The village

5th Day - Back down the canal from Llangollen

6th Day - Back through the locks; Past the Maestermyn Marina down to Ellesmere

7th Day - Ellesmere; The Mere

8th Day - More of Ellesmere

9th Day - Off the boat; Warwick Castle; Tile Barn House

10th Day - Bath & Avebury

11th Day - Dover Castle

12th Day - Longleat House & Safari

13th Day - Flight and Home