Cayamo A Journey Through Song
Miami & Cayamo 2009
Samana DR, St. Thomas USVI, Tortola BVI & Nassau


Wednesday, March 4

Made an excursion reservation last night.  Mark was interested in the hike on Sage Mountain.  We were out at the meeting place by 8 am somethingish.  It was cooler here.  The tour group loaded us into 3 buses and away we went up the winding roads to the mountain.  The guide talked about the area and the sights that could be seen.

The mountain is actually a National Park and because of the elevation rain is typical.  It was spitting rain when we arrived and it was chilly so everyone was ready to start walking to warm up.  The first part was a somewhat steep climb up to an observation platform.  On the way we passed several types of vegetation that the guide pointed out.

Overlooking a few of the Virgin Islands.
The trail we were on was a loop back to the parking area.  When we arrived one bus was gone so many others from the original group squeezed onto the bus we had.  There were fold down seats in the center aisle.  Off we went to Cane Garden Beach where we had the opportunity to walk the beach and then walk down the road back to where our bus was parked.  We re-entered the beach and sat down for a $5 drink. Made a quick Twitter about that.  Next and last stop was the Callwood Distillery...just down a block.

Callwood Distillery - has remained in the Callwood family since the 1800's.  Rum here is made from pure sugar cane.
There is no tour.  We enter a door and given a run down of the types of rum and wines they make and then can sample 3 rums for $1.  We purchased a bottle of spiced rum after the sample.

The excursion was ok, the hike rather lame, I would not do it again. 

Once back at the pier we walked into town and went to Sunny Caribbee to buy some gifts. Picked up Jamee and Ari the love potion and Beth the hangover cure.  For Becky I found her a "tasteful" gift of teas.  Also bought myself some spice rub.  Afterwards we hit the straw market and found the girls some necklaces.  Then back onboard to hang out at the pool. 

On the pool deck I discovered that my Amazon Kindle: Wireless Reading Device picked up the Sprint network and was able to send some Twitters out.  I'm not much for sitting in the sun so found a table and ordered a Corona and read my e-book while Mark baked himself.  Cooled down and then sat in the hot tub for a short time.  Mark went back to the sun and I headed to the room.  I changed and enjoyed a drink along with the scenery from the balcony.  The neighbors (sorry don't know who they were) were playing so I was able to listen to music and relax.

View from our balcony while in port at Tortola.  It was nearly 5:00 p.m. and time to get ready for our 6:00 p.m. show.

Brandi Carlile and the Twins

Ran back to the room and found a towel elephant then off again to watch Mindy Smith in the Spinnaker.

Caught two more shows in the Spinnaker:
Ed Robertson from Barenaked Ladies...really enjoyed his show of music and comedy
Beth Wood & Milo Deering played until midnight at which point we turned into pumpkins and went back to our room.

That night the seas were rough. The noise from the wind hitting the balcony kept waking me up.

Next -  Thurs, March 5: Day at sea, Waves, Dinner at Le Bistro


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