Cayamo A Journey Through Song
Miami & Cayamo 2009
Samana DR, St. Thomas USVI, Tortola BVI & Nassau

Who: Mark & LeAnn Boardman
When: February 25 - March 7

Thursday, Feb 26:
While leaving hotel we notice the temperature sheet in the elevator - there are snow flurries in Seattle!!!   It's upper 70's in Miami.
The Embassy Suites have nice big rooms, food in the dining room was excellent, excellent margarita and they offer free drinks in the evening hours and breakfast in the morning.  Wish they had free internet.

It was really worth having the car.  We've had our GPS we brought from home.  It came in very handy for directions and finding items of interest.

We drove out to the Everglades stopping first at the Everglades National Park, Shark Valley.  They offer a two hour tram tour, bike rentals or you can walk  the 15 mile loop.  We opted for the tram.  This is narrated by a concession naturalist or park ranger.  We had a good time and the information was excellent.  Saw lots of alligators, an alligator hole, a momma and baby alligators, and lots of birds.

Our second stop on the way back into town was at Coopertown Air Boats.
It was a nice ride on the air boat.  We saw more gators including these two blocking the path.   

Continued driving East and ended up at South Beach.  Parked the car and walked out to the beach for a short time.  Good thing to, we didn't see the parking meters that issue tickets to place on dashboards.  We didn't get a ticket but decided to drive on.  The roads were congested and it was very busy.

That evening we attended the Cayamo Message Board pre-pre-party at the Miami Mart Hotel. Met others who had been on the Cayamo message board.  It was a relaxing evening and we hung out and visited and then listed to an impromptu jam between four Cayamoans that brought their guitars.

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