Cayamo A Journey Through Song
Miami & Cayamo 2009
Samana DR, St. Thomas USVI, Tortola BVI & Nassau


Friday, Feb 27:

   The plan today was to do some site seeing and then visit South Beach for the Miami Ducks tour.  We drove through the Coral Gables area then to Coconut Grove to visit The Barnacle Historic State Park.  There are no other visitors and the grounds are very quiet.

Back to South Beach, stop and buy tickets for the tour.  We have nearly two hours so decide to pick up a snack and visit North Beach.  After we arrive at North Beach we stop at the grocery store and pick up snacks then off to the beach to eat them.  I really liked North Beach, there are very few people and lots of parking.  Almost wish we had stayed at the Days Inn across the street from the ocean. 

Head back to the Miami Duck Tours and South Beach shopping area.  Not sure what was going on.  There are absolutely no parking spaces to be found.  We drive for 45 minutes looking for parking, even blocks away.  The convention center parking is packed. We give up and Mark pulls over and I run in to see if they will honor the tickets next Saturday.  That does not seem to be a problem so we head out.

Decided to head to the hotel for awhile.

That evening we used our GPS to have dinner at TGI Fridays and then off to the pre-party at the Doubletree Miami Mart. The Sixthman event was held at the pool.  We again met many of the folks we saw the night before along with others that had just got into town.  There were quite a few people from the Cayamo message board that had on t-shirts that represented the trip and the board. There were both a non-host bar and BBQ available. Not sure why I didn't get photos.

Next - Sat, Feb 28: Embarkation & Cayamo begins!

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