Cayamo A Journey Through Song
Miami & Cayamo 2009
Samana DR, St. Thomas USVI, Tortola BVI & Nassau

Who: Mark & LeAnn Boardman
When: February 25 - March 7

Our Itinerary:
    Wed, Feb 25: Prologue, Fly from Seattle to Miami
    Thurs, Feb 26: Visit Everglades National Park & ride airboat, attend pre-pre-party
    Fri, Feb 27: Visit South & North Beach, Miami area, pre-party
    Sat, Feb 28: Embarkation & Cayamo begins!
    Sun, March 1:  Day at sea and an amazing journey of song
    Mon, March 2: Samana, Dominican Republic
    Mon, March 2 continued: The best night of all
    Tues, March 3: St. Thomas, Hiatt & Colvin
    Wed, March 4: Tortola BVI, hiking, beach, rum and music
    Thurs, March 5: Day at sea, Waves, Dinner at Le Bistro
    Fri, March 6: Nassau and last evening of music & Saturday Disembarkation in Miami and back home

Prologue:  While visiting the Zac Brown Band website one day I noticed a link to a special cruise called Cayamo put on by Sixthman.  The event looked spectacular but I wasn't sure Mark would care to go with me as he has not been interested in cruising since retiring from the US Navy.  Beth really wanted to but there was just no way she could miss school this being her junior year at the University of Washington in the aerospace engineering program.  I talked with Mark and told he what the cruise was about and he seemed to like the idea.  The cruise for 2009 was on the Norwegian Dawn of the Norwegian Cruise Line.

Wed, Feb 25:
Mark and I had Jamee and Ari take us to the SeaTac area to spend the night.  Stopped at the Federal Way Olive Garden for dinner then off to Sleep Inn near the airport.  The Sleep Inn was a perfect place to stay the night.  Price was right and it was clean, comfortable room, nice staff, shuttle available and they even have breakfast type items and most importantly coffee available in the mornings.  We made arrangements to be on the shuttle at 4:00 a.m. 

Our flight was on Delta.  I used my Alaska Air miles to get first class tickets.  We arrived in Miami without mishaps, our luggage was even the first to arrive on the carousel.  We did wait a bit for our shuttle to the Embassy Suites.  We checked in at the hotel and then walked across the lobby and checked out our pre-reserved rental car.  The company EZ Rental Cars, was not quite so EZ, seemed to take a long time to get the paperwork done and then the car.  We should have gone to our room first and dropped off our luggage.  I had signed up through Embassy Suites for a package that included room and the car so the deal was good and convenient.  The only additional to be paid were taxes for the 2.5 days which amounted to an additional $38.00 plus the parking fees the hotel charges.

After securing the car we went up to our room and unpacked.  That's when Mark found a stowaway shoe and it wasn't his.  Apparently it was taken out of someone else's suitcase in either Seattle or Atlanta.  Sad, whoever lost their shoe.  We had to leave it behind in Miami.

Next -   Thurs, Feb 26: Visit Everglades National Park & ride airboat, attend pre-pre-party
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