ALR Wolset x RSCL Zoe

Zoe's litter will be raised by her family.  They will have pick of litter and then we will choose.
Reservations for the others will be taken off our waiting list.


1.  Boy - blue banded:  Reserved Amber - ALR

2.  Girl RSCL Maizy - Reserved RSCL

3.  Boy - RSCL Monster:  Reserved Zoe's family

4.  Boy - RSCL D'Loke


Breeders Assistant HTML Litter Pedigree
Litter Pedigree Of ALR Wolset x RSCL Zoe II
Sire D.o.B06/06/2004
Sire BreedDumbo-Eared Blue Dalmatian
Sire BreederAmber Light Rattery
Dam BreedDumbo-Eared Black Berkshire
Dam D.o.B07/31/2004
Dam BreederLeAnn & Beth Boardman
Dam Owner Angie Blankers
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
ALR Wolset
Dumbo-Eared Blue Dalmatian
WWR Yorgi
Black Collared
Dumbo-Eared Blue Rex
SPR Chaz
Dumbo-Eared Blue
MSR Sebastian
Dumbo-Eared Blue
SPR Saffi
Dumbo-Eared Blue Berkshire Rex
WWR Mercedes
Blue Satin
VMR Polo
WWR Latte Da
Dumbo-Eared Himalayan
Dumbo Black Possum
NWSSR Black Hawk
Dumbo-Eared Black Dalmatian
NWSSR Trevor
Dumbo-Eared Black Dalmatian Satin
NWSSR Pinto Pony
Dumbo-Eared Black Dalmatian Satin
RSCL Azalea
LL Prince Ritz
Blue English Irish
KTZ Daphne
Blue Satin
ALR Magic
Dumbo-Eared Blue Dalmatian Rex
PstR PlutoOliver (Tracy Mort)
Dumbo Agouti Double Rex
LDR ZoeBR Scrumpy
Dumbo Charcoal Marked Rex
APR Fink Fink
Dumbo-Eared Black Hooded
ALR MadonaOFR Buster
Dumbo-Eared Blue Berkshire Rex
OFR Solace
Dumbo-Eared Blue Point Siamese
OFR Celestial
OFR Haley
Black Jack II (Tina Sharoody)
Black Satin
OFR Harley Jr
Himalayan Rex
Dumbo-Eared Black Berkshire
RSCL Galinn
Dumbo Platinum Banded
dumbo blue banded
Chocolate Rex
KTZ Tweedle Dee
Dumbo-Eared Beige
KTZ Blue Pearl
Dumbo-Eared Blue Rex
RF Wren
Dumbo-Eared Blue Irish Satin
SPR Murphy
Dumbo-Eared Blue
RF Moo
LSRC Amarillo Morning
Dumbo Platinum Agouti
LSRC Mustela Vison
Dumbo-Eared Mink
WR Luna of LSRC
Blue Irish
LSRNT Trixie
Dumbo-Eared Mink Irish
WF Sasha of LSRC
Platinum Agouti
Tucker of WF
Dumbo Blue Variberk
CTP Chrissy of WF
Blue Agouti Hooded
RSCL Olivia
Black Blaze - Collared
SRR Snark
Black Collared
SRR Seabiscuit
Black Dalmatian
SRR Ron Weasley
KK Imagine My Surprise
Black Variegated
SRR Veronica
Dumbo-Eared Black Bareback
SRR Samson
Dumbo Beige Cap OE
SRR Mackenzie
Blue Variberk
ROUS Rivka
Dumbo-Eared Black Dalmatian
RSCL Zamboni
Dumbo-Eared Black Dalmatian
MAR Beep
Dumbo-Eared Black Dalmatian
RSCL Razzle Dazzle
Dumbo-Eared Black Dalmatian
CWR AziziDill
Dumbo-Eared Black Dalmatian
KTZ Willow
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