RSCL Tybault x ROUS Rivka

9 Babies:  5 males; 4 females
Born 5/22/04
Black Marked

$20 each pet; $27.50 breeder
($5 off for two/pet only)

All babies are reserved (6/13/04)


1.  RSCL Mystro
Collared with blaze, top ears
Reserved for us

2.  Collared with head spot, top ears
Reserved for Mary

3.  Partial Collared, top ears
Reserved for Misty

4.  Blaze cap; top ears
Reserved for Mary

5.  Berkshire, dumbo
Reserved for Misty



6.  Berkshire or American Irish, dumbo
Reserved - Durning's

7.  Broken blaze, top ears
Reserved - Robbin

8.  Berkshire, dumbo
Reserved - Robbin

9.  Collared with head spot, dumbo
Reserved - Durning's

 Breeders Assistant HTML Trial Mating Pedigree
Trial Mating Pedigree Of RSCL Tybault x ROUS Rivka
Sire Breeder/OwnerLeAnn & Beth Boardman
Dam BreederLynn Rosskamp
Dam OwnerLeAnn & Beth Boardman
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
RSCL Tybault6H Silver6H Looking Into the Sun6H Mad King George
6H Mother of Pearl
RvR Juniper Berry of 6HMRC The Agouti Guy
Ch. RH Fieona
RSCL VeronaRSCL GarveyRSCL Avery
MAR BacardiSRR Winston
MAR Adorable
ROUS RivkaRSCL ZamboniMAR BeepMAR Calvin Klein
SRR Bess
RSCL Razzle DazzleKTZ Mr. Wiggly Jr.
NWSSR Tanice
CWR AziziDill 
KTZ WillowKTZ Ben & Jerry
KTZ Scamper Princess Isabel
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