6H Silver (platinum)  x RSCL Verona (cinnamon,
Born 5/14/03

7 boys; 5 girls
Havana; Lilac; Cinnamon; Pearl?
Several merles - note: the merling shows up now but in most cases with the darker hair will not show with age.
  It will however be passed on during breeding.

SxV Boys

Escalus: 1.  Lilac  merle Veri-berk, top ears, standard
hair     $25 - Reserved Bridget

Tybault: 2. Havana merle Veri-berk, top ears, standard hair      Keeping (Beth talked me into it)
Guess we'll use him to get mink into our dal lines.

Galeno: 3. Cinnamon merle Am. Irish, top ears, velveteen      $25 - Kristen (Maschka's Rattery)

Petruchio:  4. Pearl merle Berkshire, top ears, velveteen     $30 - Reserved Connie


Benvolio:  5. Cinnamon, top ears, standard hair    
$25 - Reserved Bridget


Paris: 6. Cinnamon American Irish, top ears, standard hair      $25 - Reserved Bridget


Mercutio:  7. Lilac merle, American Irish, top ears, velveteen    $25 - Reserved Bridget





SxV Girls

Rosaline:  8.  Mink/lilac veri-berk, top ears, velveteen      $25 - Kyle

Elsinore:  9. Silver Havana Am. Irish merle A, top ears, standard hair     $25. - Reserved Connie


Rousillon: 10. Havana Merle Am. Irish, top ears, standard hair      $25 - Kathy B (hold)


Mytilene: 11. Havana Self, top ears, velveteen
      $25 - Reserved Connie


Messina: 12. Lilac self, top ears, standard hair
      $25 - Kathy B



Breeders Assistant HTML Trial Mating Pedigree
Trial Mating Pedigree Of 6H Silver x RSCL Verona
Sire Breeder6th Happiness
Sire OwnerLeAnn & Beth Boardman
Dam Breeder/OwnerLeAnn & Beth Boardman
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
6H Silver
6H Looking Into the Sun6H Mad King George6H Gorgeous George II
6H Lumeling
6H Mother of Pearl6H Lumier II
6H Ashling
RvR Juniper Berry of 6HMRC The Agouti GuyCh. MRC Joey
MRC So Naughty
Ch. RH FieonaRH Myles
RH Claudia
RSCL Verona
RSCL Garvey
RSCL Thistle
RSCL AbbyKR Cosmo
RSCL Princess
MAR Bacardi
SRR WinstonMAR Sampson
Splash of SRR
MAR AdorableRogue's Fred
SRR Magnolia
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