SRR Snark x ROUS Riva

Snark comes from Spoiled Ratten Rattery in Missouri, he is a silver black collared boy.
Rivka comes from Rodents of Unusual Sweetness in Seattle, she is a possum faced Dalmatian.

Most of the babies are named after small sailboats.

8 Born February 5, 2004
Initial look:  6 girls; 2 boys
  2/15 - one boy, the runt died

Expecting: Top ears and dumbos.
Marked black and white cuties

Only one girl available (3/9/04)

RSCL SunChaser
Black Berkshire Female
Top ears
Reserved:  Kas

RSCL Olivia
Blazed Black Collared Female
Top ears
Reserved:  Kas

RSCL Gumdrop Kisses
Dalmatian Female
Dumbo ears
Reserved - Carly

Dalmatian Female
Dumbo ears
Reserved - David & Miles

RSCL Skimmer
Charcoal Irish Female w/ head spot
Top ears

RSCL Inca Princess
Possum faced / Collared Female
Top Ears
Reserved - Carly

Possum Faced Male
Top ears
Reserved - Sarah J.

Prices are for pets only
$5 off a pair
Breeding contract add $5 each (no discounts)

Babies will be going to those on our waiting list

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Litter Pedigree Of SRR Snark x ROUS Rivka
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
SRR SnarkSRR SeabiscuitSRR Ron WeasleySRR Riley
SRR Olga
KK Imagine My SurpriseKK1836-A
KK Yuma
SRR VeronicaSRR SamsonMAR Sampson
MAR Bonnie
SRR MackenzieYOTR Wegman
MAR Pansy
ROUS RivkaRSCL ZamboniMAR BeepMAR Calvin Klein
SRR Bess
RSCL Razzle DazzleKTZ Mr. Wiggly Jr.
NWSSR Tanice
CWR AziziDill 
KTZ WillowKTZ Ben & Jerry
KTZ Scamper Princess Isabel
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