EVR Mr. Nibbles (AKA Gemini)
Cinnamon Berkshire

Breeder:  Evergreen Rattery
Born:  July 2, 2002
RIP:  June 25, 2004

Beth adopted Mr. Nib's after he was dropped off at the RatsPacNW booth at the Unique Animal Expo in Hillsboro, OR.  He had been with a family in Oregon who could not keep him with their other male rats as they would not all get along.  Beth fell in love with his personality.  Mr. Nib's is a very outgoing and active male rat who likes to spend time free ranging Beth's room.  True to his name he does like to nibble (not on people).

Sad day - June 25th, 2004.  Mr. Nib's is gone.  He started out earlier this year with periods of confusion. He started losing some weight and we placed him on antibiotics as he "looked sick." That helped and he lost the "sick" look and gained some weight back but still had the periods of just not recognizing us, startling, etc. But then there were other times he was fine, recognizing Beth and running his old haunts in her bedroom. His last two weeks he started getting much worse...periods of not eating right or drinking. Then the night before he passed he ate most all his dinner and was walking with his head up again. Then the evening he crossed the bridge you could tell he was ready to leave us.