RSCL Magnuson x MAR Morgan

Born: 2/9/03

12 -
5 Does
7 Bucks
All Dumbo

All blazed / marked will be placed into pet only homes
Magnuson's sister, Bleu, located with ROUS had three kittens with megacolon.   We did not find out about this until after Mags and Morgan were bred.  Dixie, Mags other sister that lives with us did not have any m/c problems in her litter but is an Irish, not "husky" type white spotting like her brother Mags. 


Kekona (Hawaiian, second born)- Black, rex with wide blaze, banded

Held for ROUS, as she is the granddaughter of RSCL Keoki of ROUS and looks uncannily like him



Started having constipation problems after weaning. No bloating. She will remain with us unless a special care home is found.


#3 had megacolon

#4 Cap Stripe velveteen


Reserved - Stephanie D.


#5 Cap with split cap velveteen


Reserved - Lisa





#6 Theodore

bareback w/ spot

$22 reserved Debbie


#7 Black Banded velveteen, blaze

$22 - Betsy


#8 Blue Am. Irish



#9 William

Blue Banded velveteen

$22 Reserved Debbie


#10 Odd eye blue banded velveteen

$22 - Reserved Dani


#12 Blue Berkshire velveteen

$22 - Katie Salomon

Reserve of Show Kitten 3/22/03


#11 died at 2.5 weeks.  Found under the "rat-pile" of babies.  Was not bloated or did not appear to have problems.
They had been doing a lot of climbing in the cage we suspect he fell.

Litter Pedigree Of RSCL Magnuson x MAR Morgan
Sire D.o.B05/26/2002
Dam D.o.B05/15/2002
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
RSCL MagnusenRSCL KeokiMAR LightningAR Farnsworth
AR Buffy
RSCL ChristaDC Slate
RF WrenSPR MurphyMSR Sebastian
SPR Saffi
RF MooKumquat
RSCL Kameo
MAR MorganMAR SmileyMAR HappyAR Bernard
DM Blossom
MAR FionaRSCL Stormy
AR Buffy
MAR BacardiSRR WinstonMAR Sampson
Splash of SRR
MAR AdorableRogue's Fred
SRR Magnolia
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