RSCL Keoki x RF Wren
4/28/02 placed together
Keoki 1 lb 13 oz
Wren 12 oz

7 bucks & 4 does (all reserved)
All Dumbo, Rex & Velveteen.  Keoki comes from a line that carries both
The blues are deep slate except for the bareback is a bit lighter


Black Banded, smooth hair

Blue bareback
Velveteen (loose curl)

Blue Berkshire
Rex (nice curl) - Keeping

Beige Banded, Smooth hair
has collar

Black Collared
Velveteen, loose curl
Reserved for Lynn

Platinum, smooth hair

Silver Rex


~Girls rats

Blue American Irish Doe (m/m) Rex

Blue Berkshire Doe

Black Am. Irish Rex doe

Blue English Irish (m/m) Rex doe