Mar El Capitan x RSCL Razzmatazz

DOB:  6/29/03
4 girls; 5 boys
$22 pets; $27 breeding contract
$5 off for two- pets only

One boy available

I cannot confirm colors until we see them.  This litter is being raised by Margaret the owner of Razzmatazz.
We have a full sister to these babies RSCL Zazzie.  Expect temperaments to be excellent.  No known health issues with line.


RSCL Dominic - black head
Reserved - Emily, Eagl

RSCL Razzberry - silver grey spotting on crown

RSCL Jazz-man - blue berkshire
Reserved: Heidi & Randy


RSCL Russell - blue or silver grey head spots
Reserved - Kathy

RSCL Warren - blue
Reserved: Heidi & Randy




RSCL Sierra - silver grey spotting
Reserved Erin



4th girl not pictured
Reserved for Margaret

RSCL Whitney - Black eye white, may acquire spotting
Reserved - Kristen


RSCL Evanna - black masking


Trial Mating Pedigree Of MAR El Capitan x RSCL Razzmatazz
Dam OwnerMargaret
Sire Owner: Rattie Rascals;  Breeder:  Marwin
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
MAR El CapitanSRR DeuceYOTR WegmanRR Abbot
YOTR Wisteria
SRR HelenaRRR Pongo
SRR Ella
MAR SmurfetteYOTR WegmanRR Abbot
YOTR Wisteria
MAR MimicMAR Arthur
MAR Granola
RSCL RazzmatazzOFR LorenzoOFR SparkyNeptune
RSCL RhodyLL Prince Ritz
Khat's Daphne
RSCL Razzle DazzleKhat's Mr. Wiggly Jr.Khat's Mr. Wiggles
Khat's Blue Doe
NWSSR TaniceNWSSR Trevor
NWSSR Terresa
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