CWR Doyle of ROUS x RSCL Flaxen

a repeat breeding in conjunction with Lynn of Rodents of Unusual Sweetness

Born: 1/9/05
initial look there appears to be 7 girls - two rex; 7 boys - two rex.

Expect: Pearl, Cinnamon Pearl, (pale fawn colored)
Rex & Velveteen, possible dumbo


1. Top ear
   Reserved Kasondra

2. Dumbo
  Reserved - Lynn @ ROUS

3. Rex
  Reserved - Susan

4. RSCL Penny - pearl with merling on behind
   Reserved for Ben

5. Dumbo
  Reserved - Kate & Zach

6.  Rex
  Reserved - Susan


7.  Top ear
    Reserved - Kate & Zach



8. Dot:  Top ear, palest color
   Reserved - Jenn

9.  Top ear
   Reserved - Anne

10. Top ear, pale small merle dot on head
    Reserved Melissa

11.  Top ear
   Reserved Melissa

12.  Rex
   Reserved - Anne

13.  Strawberry:  Top ear
   Reserved - Jenn


14.  Rex
  Reserved - Michal



Breeders Assistant HTML Litter Pedigree
Litter Pedigree Of CWR Doyle x RSCL Flaxen
Sire BreedPearl Merle
Sire BreederMichelle Caroll
Sire OwnerLynn Rosskamp
Dam BreedCinnamon Pearl Rex
Dam D.o.B02/18/2004
Dam BreederLeAnn & Beth Boardman
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
CWR Doyle
Pearl Merle
LC Fivel
Dumbo-Eared Mink
LC Baby Beluga
Dumbo Pearl Merle
SRR Merlin's Magic
Dumbo Pearl Merle
SRR Indiana Jones
Dumbo-Eared Mink
Splash of SRR
SRR Destiny
Dumbo-Eared Blue Berkshire
SRR Trey
SRR Blossom
Lilac Irish
SRR Blue Jean
Dumbo-Eared Blue Berkshire
SRR Jeng
Seal Point Siamese Rex
MAR Nermal
Dumbo-Eared Blue Point Siamese
RHR Olivia
Black Berkshire Rex
CCR Blue Bell
Dumbo-Eared Blue Berkshire
CCR Raincloud
Dumbo-Eared Black
OR Miranda
Dumbo-Eared Seal Point Siamese
WWR Sable
Cinnamon Banded
EVR Apollo
Cinnamon Berkshire
Berri of EVR
Amber Berkshire
Potourri of WWR
Dumbo-Eared Cinnamon Berkshire
RSCL Flaxen
Cinnamon Pearl Rex
RSCL Chisum
Dumbo-Eared Cinnamon
RSCL Garvey
Dumbo-Eared Cinnamon Irish
RSCL Avery
Havana Irish
Chocolate Rex
RSCL Thistle
Blue Satin
Dumbo-Eared Odd-Eyed Fawn Berkshire Rex
KR Cosmo
Dumbo Am. Husky Lynx OE
RSCL Princess
Dumbo-Eared Beige
Dumbo-Eared Pearl
KTZ Scar Line 
KTZ Bomber Line 
RSCL Charodei
Pearl Merle Velveteen
6H Silver
Platinum Rex
6H Looking Into the Sun
6H Mad King George
Manx Silver Mink
6H Mother of Pearl
Pe merle
RvR Juniper Berry of 6H
Dumbo-Eared Platinum
MRC The Agouti Guy
Ch. RH Fieona
Dumbo-Eared Platinum Rex
MAR Bacardi
Silver Lilac Berkshire
SRR WinstonMAR Sampson
Splash of SRR
MAR AdorableRogue's Fred
SRR Magnolia
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