CWR Doyle x RSCL Flaxen
Pearl Merle x Cinnamon Pearl

Expecting a smaller litter of pearls, cinnamon pearl,
Top ears with some dumbo ears.
Velveteen & smooth coats

15 born on August 16, 2004 (8 boys, 7 girls)
We will be keeping 1-2 babies. 

$20 each pet homes ($5 off on two or more)
$27.50 breeding


1.  Dumbo velveteen boy
   Reserved - Joni

2.  Top ear merled smooth hair
     Reserved - Joni

3. Top ear merled smooth hair pale coloring
    Reserved - Ripley Family

4.  Top ear smooth hair

5. Top ear velveteen
    Reserved - Matt

6.  Nevis: Top ear velveteen, pale coloring

7.  Top ear velveteen, medium coloring
    Reserved - Matt

8.  Top Ear velveteen darker
      Reserved - Ripley Family


9.  Dumbo velveteen medium color
    Reserved - CWR

10.  Dumbo velveteen darker coloring

11.  Top ear, smooth hair pale cinnamon fawn coloring
  light merling
   Reserved - Robert & Ann

12.  Top ear, smooth hair, Pearl Merle
     merling on face
    Reserved - Holly

13.  Top ear velveteen
    Reserved - Robert & Ann

14.  Top ear velveteen (a lot like mom)
    Reserved - 3GR

15.  Top ear velveteen, pearl merle
    Reserved - Keeping

Breeders Assistant HTML Trial Mating PedigreeBreeders Assistant HTML Trial Mating Pedigree
Breeders Assistant HTML Trial Mating PedigreeBreeders Assistant HTML Trial Mating Pedigree
Trial Mating Pedigree Of CWR Doyle x RSCL Flaxen
Sire BreedPearl Merle
Sire BreederMichelle Caroll
Sire OwnerLynn Rosskamp
Dam BreedCinnamon Pearl Rex
Dam Breeder/OwnerLeAnn & Beth Boardman
ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
CWR Doyle
Pearl Merle
LC Fivel
Dumbo-Eared Mink
LC Baby Beluga
Dumbo-Eared Pearl Merle
SRR Blue Jean
Dumbo-Eared Blue Berkshire
WWR Sable
Cinnamon Banded
EVR Apollo
Cinnamon Berkshire
Potourri of WWR
Dumbo-Eared Cinnamon Berkshire
RSCL Flaxen
Cinnamon Pearl Rex
RSCL Chisum
Dumbo-Eared Cinnamon
RSCL Garvey
Dumbo-Eared Cinnamon Irish
Dumbo-Eared Pearl
RSCL Charodei
Pearl Merle Velveteen
6H Silver
Platinum Rex
MAR Bacardi
Silver Lilac Berkshire
Produced using Breeders Assistant for Rats Pedigree Software (tel: +44 1223 290291), Standard Edition licensed to LeAnn & Beth Boardman.