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Feb 1999

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5 Months

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April 1999
7 months
1 lb 4 oz

Date of Death: 7/27/01 - age related
Charcoal lived to 34 months.  His body just gave out on him.
In the end he had congestive heart failure (heart can't pump well enough to keep fluids out of lungs)

Charcoal was the first rat we used on our Rattie Rascals logo.
The day we switched the logo picture to RSCL Ebony Sky, his great-great-grand daughter, was the day he passed on.


Male - Black Dumbo Rex Berkshire
Born - Sept. 15, 1998
Sweet and Friendly.  The Alpha boy rat.
Owner - Rattie Rascals Rattery
Breeder - Daisy Chain Rattery
Father - Sundance (Champagne Self, Dumbo, Rex, Ruby eyes)
Mother - Gabriella (Platinum hooded, Rex, Ruby eyes)

Sired litters
born Jan 6, 1999
born 11/00

Feb 15, 1999 (5 months) weight 1 lb
April 4, 1999 (7 months) 1 lb 4 oz

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