Mar El Capitan x RSCL Razzmatazz

Born 10/31/02 - Halloween!!!

6 boys
7 girls

Please note, babies are reserved via our waiting list.
If you are on our waiting list will be will contacting you as we start at the top by date.
Prices are $20 each.



1.  Razzy: Black Dumbo  -  Reserved  Tammy

2.  Blitz: Blue cap with head spot  -  Reserved  Tammy

3.  Black spot head - reserved Betsy



4.  Blue split cap dumbo -  reserved Chenaya



5.  Kismet: cap with circle spot on head, mink? black dilute & silver?

Reserved - ROUSe

6.  Black Variegated with head spot  -  Reserved Chenaya



1.  RSCL Zazzy:  Blue variegated/collar  keeping

"Masked"  - Reserved Connie

3.  Tarot: Blue eye spot, standard ear - reserved ROUS


4.  Blue girl



Variegated - Reserved Connie

6.  BEW (no color) standard ear,


7.  Dominique - black collar, with eye spot - reserved Margaret  


Breeders Assistant HTML Trial Mating Pedigree
Trial Mating Pedigree Of MAR El Capitan x RSCL Razzmatazz
Dam OwnerMargaret
Date Due: Oct 31 -  Nov 7
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
MAR El CapitanSRR DeuceYOTR WegmanRR Abbot
YOTR Wisteria
SRR HelenaRRR Pongo
SRR Ella
MAR SmurfetteYOTR WegmanRR Abbot
YOTR Wisteria
MAR MimicMAR Arthur
MAR Granola
RSCL RazzmatazzOFR LorenzoOFR SparkyNeptune
RSCL RhodyLL Prince Ritz
Khat's Daphne
RSCL Razzle DazzleKhat's Mr. Wiggly Jr.Khat's Mr. Wiggles
Khat's Blue Doe
NWSSR TaniceNWSSR Trevor
NWSSR Terresa
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