MAR Beep x RSCL Zazzie

Dalmatian lines

Date of birth: 4/29/03
Zazzie over cleaned them and chewed off their tails to varying degrees at birth.
Should not affect their balance and all are healthy at this point.

13 - five boys; five girls; three died near birth due to stress/shock

BxZ Boys

#1  Cap with split, top ears
       $22 - Reserved Bridget


#2  Black collar and eye/nose spot, dumbo ears
      $22 - Reserved Bridget


Xavier # 3  Spot behind ear, dumbo ears
       $22 - reserved Jennifer


#4  Black Eyed White, top ears
Small amount of black on left ear
      $22  -  Reserved Bridget


#5  Black Eyed White, top ears (no spots showing yet)



BxZ Girls

Mystique #6  Eye patch & black collar, dumbo ears
      $22  -  Reserved Lil' Rugrats Rattery


#7  Silver black ear patches, runs into eye, top ear
      $22 - Reserved Mike S.


Anatolia #8  Wide blaze and patch over butt, top ears
      $22  -  Reserved ROUS


#9  Black patch between ears, dumbo ears
(pet only)  $20 - Reserved Mike S.


Lily #10  Runt: wide blaze with patch over butt, top ears
(pet only) $15 - Reserved Jason & Angie




Breeders Assistant HTML Trial Mating Pedigree
Trial Mating Pedigree Of MAR Beep x Champion RSCL Zazzie
Sire BreederSara Marwin Ratties
Sire OwnerLeAnn & Beth Boardman
Dam Breeder/OwnerLeAnn & Beth Boardman
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
MAR Beep
MAR Calvin KleinCCR ArbyRR Weasel
Parduin Maria
MAR MistyMAR Lil Smokie
MAR Lensie
SRR BessYOTR WegmanRR Abbot
YOTR Wisteria
SRR HelenaRRR Pongo
SRR Ella
RSCL Zazzie
MAR El Capitan
SRR DeuceYOTR Wegman
SRR Helena
MAR SmurfetteYOTR Wegman
MAR Mimic
RSCL Razzmatazz
OFR LorenzoOFR Sparky
RSCL Rhody
RSCL Razzle Dazzle
KTZ Mr. Wiggly Jr.
NWSSR Tanice
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