RSCL BeoRat x LSRC Amarillo Morning

DOB:  12/3/03

7 males - 6 females
Blue & Platinum Dumbos

$22.50 each to pet homes ($5 discount for two)
$27.50 each with breeding contract

1.  RSCL Fig Newton
     Blue Lightning Blaze Dumbo Boy
     Reserved - Stephanie

2.  RSCL Mercury
     Blue American Irish Dumbo Boy
     Reserved - Nicole

3.  RSCL Galinn
     Platinum banded dumbo boy with head spot

4.  RSCL Thjorn (Romeo)
     Platinum dumbo with head spot boy
     Reserved - Jake


5.  RSCL Soren
     Platinum Dumbo with head spot boy
     Reserved - Amy

6.  RSCL Hermes
     Platinum Dumbo with Head spot boy
     Reserved - Nicole

7.  RSCL Kitsap
     Platinum Dumbo (no head spot)
     Reserved - Lizzy






8.  RSCL Philadelphia - Blue dumbo girl
     American Irish type mark
     Reserved - Stephanie


9.  RSCL Norna
     Blue dumbo girl, American Irish type mark
     (on hold)

10.  RSCL Mullenix
       Platinum Dumbo self girl
       Reserved - 3GR (no current picture)


11.  RSCL Star Kissed
       Platinum Dumbo with head spot
       reserved - Stephanie D.

12.  RSCL Edda
       Platinum mottled / van dumbo girl
       Reserved:  ROUS


 Breeders Assistant HTML Litter Pedigree

Breeders Assistant HTML Litter Pedigree
Litter Pedigree Of RSCL BeoRat x LSRC Amarillo Morning
Sire D.o.B11/04/2002
Dam D.o.B02/27/2003
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
RSCL BeoRatKTZ BoCoKTZ Tweedle DeeKTZ Blue
KTZ Beige
KTZ Blue PearlKTZ Piper
KTZ Bluebelle
RF WrenSPR MurphyMSR Sebastian
SPR Saffi
RF MooKumquat
RSCL Kameo
LSRC Amarillo MorningLSRC Mustela VisonWR Luna of LSRCWR Skye
Aowen of WR
LSRNT TrixieSlater of LSRNT
Jasmine of LSRNT
WF Sasha of LSRCTucker of WFTR Little Petey
TR Precious
CTP Chrissy of WFShelly of CTP
Carrie of CTP
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