RSCL Avery  -  aa Gg Rr Dudu, plus either mm Bb OR bb Mm   x  RSCL Dixie  -  aa gg maybe Rr & Mm

DOB:  11/24/02
9 kittens, 1 died
Expecting:  blues, black, beige, possible mink
in velveteen, top ears and dumbo

These will go to pet only homes.  Dixie became overly excited after 3 days and was not tending the babies.
She had lost one and constantly dug through the bedding.  The kittens were fostered onto Abby who is caring for
them excellently.


5.  Chocolate dumbo, velveteen -

6.  Chocolate dumbo, velveteen - Reserved Liz

7.  Cocoa top ear, velveteen - Reserved Liz

8.  Silver top ear, velveteen -



1.  Blue dumbo velveteen - Reserved Amy C.

2  Champagne Smooth hair, top ears - Reserved Patti

3.  Silver (pink eye blue) dumbo, velveteen - Reserved Marina

4.  Silver (pink eye blue) top ear, velveteen - Reserved Julie




Breeders Assistant HTML Trial Mating Pedigree
Trial Mating Pedigree Of RSCL Avery x RSCL Dixie
Sire Breeder/OwnerLeAnn & Beth Boardman
Dam Breeder/OwnerLeAnn & Beth Boardman
ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
RSCL AveryKhat's BoCoKhat's Tweedle Dee
Khat's Blu Pearl
RSCL ThistleLL Prince Ritz
Khat's Daphne
RSCL DixieRSCL KeokiMAR Lightning
RSCL Christa
RF WrenSPR Murphy
RF Moo
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