RSCL Avery (aa mm -g rr)  x  RSCL Abby (Aa rr Mm double odd-eye)
due May 8 - 15

Expecting:  Fawn, black, possibly cocoa ?

Abby x Avery dob 5/9/02

The "open" are pending for those on our waiting list.
6/4/02:    Tess - Black doe


Stitch - Agouti wide blaze, top ear

Hoops - Rex dumbo Agouti buck, blaze, berk

Cutter - Rex dumbo buck - Berkshire, no head spot

Rebel - Rex black, top ear, white feet

 Samathos- Dumbo standard hair, white feet, black

Garvey - Dumbo, standard hair, color? choco base cin? (ruby eye

Rocket - Rex, dumbo, fawn, head mark

Rex, dumbo, banded, color chocolate? (smaller)
Was the runt.  Died :o(

Frisco - Standard Beige (ruby eye)  hair w/ top ears - 

Perry - Rex Champagne (pink eyes) dumbo - $20  



Jamoca - Rex, dumbo, agouti base (odd-eye)

Nikita - Rex, dumbo, beige, blaze

Tess - Standard hair, top ear, white toes, Black

Cinnabar - Standard hair, dumbo, white feet, agouti/choco-cin? ruby eyes?

Chela - Rex, top ears, Chocolate? deep, dark spot on head

Peaches & Falana - Standard hair Amber girls, 
both top ears.