From Lone Star Rats of Central Texas

RIP:  10/05 PTS - had an infection in his jaw that started to go into his eye socket

Breeders Assistant HTML Pedigree
Pedigree Of LSRC TC
BreedDumbo-Eared Mink
Breeder/Owner Lone Star Rats of Central Texas
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Great Grandparents
FRR Brently
Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue
Four Rats Rattery
MMR Rupert
Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue
RR Navi
Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue
Richland Rattery
RR Dusty
Breed: Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue
Breeder: Richland Rattery
BER Eiru
Breed: Russian Blue Berkshire
NA Bristol
Naarah's Ark
NA Frued
Breed: Dumbo-Eared Seal Point Siamese
Breeder: Naarah's Ark
NA Blossom
Breed: Seal Point Siamese
Breeder: Naarah's Ark
FRR Thallassa
Dumbo-Eared Black Berkshire
MMR Muetchen
Dumbo-Eared Russian Blue
Making Mischief Rattery
6H Diamonte
Breed: Dumbo-Eared Black Irish
Breeder: 6th Happiness
6H Midnight Rose
Breed: Dumbo-Eared Black Berkshire
Breeder: 6th Happiness
MMR Flour
Dumbo-Eared Black Bareback
Making Mischief Rattery
AR Hazen
Breed: Beige
Breeder: AristoRats
MNR Lilly
Breed: Dumbo-Eared Lilac Berkshire
LSRC Out of the Blue
Dumbo-Eared Silver Blue
Sarah Easter
WR Luna of LSRC
Blue Irish
WR Skye
Blue Hooded
The Whole Rat Rattery
Haze of WR
Breed: Blue Hooded
Blossom of WR
Breed: Silver Blue Berkshire
Aowen of WR
Dumbo-Eared Mink Berkshire
Breed: Dumbo-Eared Mink
Breeder: Ratkateers
LSRNT Trixie
Dumbo-Eared Mink Irish
Slater of LSRNT
Lilac Irish
Jasmine of LSRNT
Dumbo-Eared Black Veriberk
TR Little Petey
Breed: Blue Agouti Masked
Breeder: Tweekers Rattery
Breed: Dumbo-Eared Blue
Breeder: Tweekers Rattery
AZR Blue Belle
Breed: Blue
Breeder: A to Z Rattery
TR Precious
Breed: Dumbo-Eared Blue
Breeder: Tweekers Rattery
TR Willy Wonka
Breed: Dumbo-Eared Mink Blaze
Breeder: Tweekers Rattery
BGR Cocoa Pebbles
Breed: Silver Black Berkshire
Breeder: Blue Grass Rats
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