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Things our Ancestors Missed

1.  You need no coal, you need no wood
    to have fire hot and good.

2. Though pens and pencils flee away
    you now can write with no paper each day.

3. A thing of wheels and frightful noise
    that scares the dog and pleases boys.

4. A whirring sound an off it flies
    to sweep the cop-webs from the skies.

5. It's fastened to a wire
    you may press with out a fire.

6. It's daily help we cannot measure
    used for business and for pleasure.

7. A drama has many words
    but back then could not be heard.

8. Up and down it goes all day
    and helps the climber on their way.

9. It's not a hose, its not a broom
    and yet it's used to clean a room.

10. a friend that brings us together
     just to chat, despite the weather.

11. It has has no head, nor legs nor tail
    yet it goes riding on a rail.

12. A candle that will never burn
    yet lights the way at every turn.

13. Adding is it's special feature
    does its sum without a teacher.

14. Just a harmless little gun
    made to shoot all in fun.

15. No seals, nor bolts, nor fastenings tight,
    can hide things from it's eagle sight.

16. Suppose you name a kind of tub
    that cleans your clothes without a rub.

17. A boat without a sail
    that swims below just like a whale.




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