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Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

  1. Noodle
  2. Penny (can list certain year)
  3. Leaf
  4. Bug
  5. Piece of Holiday wrapping paper
  6. Card
  7. Feather
  8. Piece of Bread
  9. Film canister
  10. Pine cone
  11. Magazine subscription card
  12. Old birthday candle
  13. Napkin with lipstick lips on it
  14. Bean
  15. Post it Note

Secret Message using Decoder Watch Code

First message, place inside decoder, fold it up.
12-15-15-11 6-15-18 1 3-12-31-5 9-14 5-13-16-20-25 3-1-19-5 (Look for a clue in empty case)
Second message, Inside Jewelry Case
6-15-12-12-15-23 20-8-5 6-15-15-20-19-20-5-16 3-12-21-5 (Follow the footsteps)
Third message, written on back of footsteps.
Child can pick any footstep. Here YOU need to write the clue for the bags hiding spot. Have Fun!

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