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Horroscope Game

1. Write a past date, year, month, day, hour and minute

2. Name of a place

3. Describe a quality of a person (kind, egotisical, happy, etc)

4. Name of a disease

5. Name of a plant

7. name of a small object

8. Kind of food

9. A geographical location

10. an occupation

11. one of the arts

12. Describe a quality of a person

13. a number

14. a sum of money




Read the following

Name of person __
1. Was born

2. under the planet

3. at

4. her character  is

5. she has a tendency to catch

6. but will find an antidote in

7. she should wear about her neck as an amulet

8. she should avoid

9 she will live at/in

10. will succeed at

11. but be a total failure at

12 she should marry a person of the following character

13. she will marry ___ times

14. and will have a fortune worth $ 



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