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Mark and LeAnn Boardman

Mark,  retired from the USN 1999 October after 22 years. His interests are hunting, Green Bay Packers, hunting, woodworking, hunting, taxidermy and did I mention hunting.  Since retiring from the Navy he has become a taxidermist and an auctioneer for our family auction business.

I'm LeAnn and I run the office of our family auction business.  I'm the one behind Boardman's Birthday Party Ideas and I also maintain a website for Stokes Auction.  I enjoy raising fancy rats and I am active with our local rat club- RatsPacNW.  Both Mark and I enjoy sailing our MacGregor sailboat.

Beth & Jamee ready for the Homecoming dance 2005


Beth is 19 years old and currently attends the University of Washington as a pre-engineering student.  One of her favorite hobbies is sailing. Beth and LeAnn have their own Rattery (yes rats, very sweet pets!  See the link below to check them out).  Beth is our auction company's newest auctioneer.


Jamee is 17 and a Senior in high school.  Never could tell she has a congenital heart defect.  Jamee was born with a single ventricle and a host of other heart defects.  Jamee is Post-Fontan completed at 2 years of age and had a repair surgery at 5 years. She is doing very well and enjoys volunteering with a Brownie Girl Scout troop, bowling on the high school team and raising sheep.  Jamee went to Europe as a People to People Ambassador the summer of 2007.  She'll be attending auctioneering school the summer of 2008.


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The Boardman Web
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